The product


  for healthy cats & dogs

A stress-free protected zone for those who always greet us jumping and barking. Protection for the ones who are so grateful for the attention they recieve. Anja
Gansbuehler, owner and founder of the company STEVE DOGS, talks about the product development of Bellfugio:
“With Bellfugio, I’ve created a retreat that not only has a sleek design, but also provides protection from electromagnetic radiation.”
In collaboration with technical physics experts, Anja Gansbuehler developed a patentpending technique. Thorough tests prove that the animal furniture actually protects the interior from electromagnetic radiation in the relevant frequency range.
“Bellfugio” is also a special visual highlight in your home. The self-contained and harmonious outer design with the cleverly dissolved entrance allows your dog a speciesappropriate freedom of movement. On the inside, it is quiet, dark and spacious, so that all the dogs that have tested it so far have accepted the animal furniture on the spot. The clean climate is ensured by the mesh. Caution – here is a danger of defense!

An idea becomes reality

First sketch                                                                                                               Finished Bellfugio® doghouse

It started with the idea of a protective and at the same time beautiful dog house. A dog house that reminds one more of a snail shell, and that’s what makes it special. What was initially just an idea and lines on paper is now real.

The shape and structure of the doghouse protect the furry inhabitants against electromagnetic radiation. Incidentally, Bellfugio is a furnishing item for the aesthetically demanding eye.

390 different dog breeds – 3 different Bellfugio’s®

There are 390 dog breeds worldwide, according to FCI (The Fédération Cynologique Internationale). Bellfugio is currently available in three straightforward sizes. By entering your contact details in “Pre order & Information” you will be notified by us as soon as your desired Bellfugio size is available. The first delivery is currently planned for the summer of 2018. (Pictures show Bellfugio 2nd generation)

Bellfugio M

  • Bellfugio® M


    width: 60,0cm
    depth: 57,5cm
    hight: 54,0cm
    hight entrance: 34,0cm
    width entrance: 16,0cm
    volume: 0,19m³
    weight: 7,64kg

Bellfugio L

  • Bellfugio® L


    width: 72,0cm
    depth: 72,0cm
    hight: 60,0cm
    hight entrance: 42,0cm
    width entrance: 18,0cm
    volume: 0,34m³
    weight: 9,64kg

Bellfugio XL

  • Bellfugio® XL


    width: 100,0cm
    depth: 75,0cm
    hight: 65,0cm
    hight entrance: 45,0cm
    hight entrance: 31,0cm
    volume: 0,5m³
    weight: 13,3kg