The idea

„The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.“ (Mahatma Gandhi)

Our lives in a high-tech world of smartphones and computer technology are not just beneficial. The presence of electromagnetic radiation is one of the negative side effects of technological progress on humans and animals.

The ingenious invention of creating a stress-free protected zone for the four-legged best friend of man addresses this issue and combines two important aspects: the technical innovation of a protective layer against electromagnetic radiation and a tasteful design for highest visual demands.

The result is beautiful, functional – and significantly improves the lives of humans and pets: that of the dog, who now sleeps virtually free from radiation, and that of the owner, who has done the best for his darling.

„I’ve always been fascinated by Steve Jobs. From his corporate philosophy and his will to change the world and people. Not only the ingenious combination of technology and design in his products, but also his idea of a completely new, better reality of life are unique.

Related to the world of the dog, I realized something similar: a patent, combined with the philosophy of improving the world of four-legged friends.“

So the idea arose to give the new brand a proper name, which pays tribute to Steve Jobs and thus, without mentioning them, points to all the relevant components. “Steve Dogs” was born. An original name with a wink for a product that works, looks beautiful and makes dogs happy.

“It is well-known that many animals are much more sensitive than humans to a variety of rays and waves cause by civilisation. In particular, dogs avoid locations with strong electromagnetic field strengths. On the contrary, the advancing leads to the constant increase of the exposure to different electric and magnetic direct and alternating fields. The well-known animal furniture and conventional dog kennels protect the animals from wind and weather, from cold, heat, and the sun, but not from electrosmog and rays.

There is also a hypothesis that electromagnetic fields can have negative effects on the health of animals. This is neither unfounded nor scientifically refuted. In radiesthesia, the existence of other types of radiation is postulated, which are perceived by animals, especially dogs, and can also affect their health.”

(Excerpt from patent application)